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Re: Backward Roll - Risks and benefits

I was trained in backwards rolls. However, as I worked with higher skilled practitioners, or at higher paces of practice, the opportunity for the backwards roll became rare. In my experience, this is because the backwards roll requires that uke be allowed to have his/her center move back and down prior to most other body parts, while a good practitioner (or folks working at higher paces) will never seek to throw you "backwards" without your center continuing to move forward and up. It is for this same reason that the common way of doing back break-falls is often impossible under these same circumstances (though folks do them) - i.e. folks tend to sit their bottom back and down rather than having their center continue forward and up. At our dojo, as a dojocho, I do not instruct at all in backwards rolls. My deshi range from being able to do them because they are coordinated folks who know their bodies and the ground to outright sucking at them. For better or for worse, I have to say, I am a bit proud of that fact - lol.


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