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Re: Baseline skillset

Mike Sigman wrote:
I think these things are so productive, ultimately, for all techniques, that I would probably spend several classes doing nothing but practice moving correctly. The techniques can wait. What is the point of practicing techniques with incorrect body mechanics? You're only going to have to change the whole technique later on so that you do it using the correct power to handle Uke's attack, rather than arms and external technique.
Sure, I agree... but I'm trying to make a compromise between what I think is the most important thing to do in a class, and what I'm expected to be doing when I lead a class. It's not my dojo (thank goodness!). I don't think people were doing all that badly in the end. We more or less treated the two techniques we did as another way of moving-while-your-partner-tests-you. Which I think is still a bit more difficult than what we should have been doing, but at least the attention wasn't on getting uke to the ground no matter what. I hope.

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