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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

John Riggs wrote:
The one leg stand, aka Stork Test, is one way to check for weak core stabilizing muscles in health care. Practicing standing on one leg is a simple way to strengthen the weak core muscles. Balance boards and exercises balls are other ways as well.
I agree, although I defer to your expertise, John. I get my mother, mother-in-law, etc., to do a little standing on one leg while one hand lightly touches a wall or kitchen-counter, etc. for balance. It has brought their balance and leg strength back to where they now walk again pretty normally.

I suggest for the first minute (or half minute) that they hold the upheld leg so that the femur is horizontal or above (preferably a couple of degrees above horizontal) and the abdomen relaxed so that the hold of the femur is done by the psoas. I'm a great believer in strengthening the psoas and in stretching the psoas (which I do with held forward lunges while slowly tucking the pelvic cage).


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