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Re: Baseline skillset

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Well, if uke feels the purest possible ground and you redirect that force from the ground back into them at a different vector, it's really their force that is bouncing them off, and thus not resistance, non?
And if I contrive that uke's force is not directed at my center, by controlling my structure, it cannot alter my position or lateral momentum. I may thus continue to enter his attack, all the while being turned by his tangential input -- irimi/tenkan.

My center does not oppose it, and he cannot touch ground through my center. Thus, I cannot be any source of stabilizing support for his energy, which would be to his advantage, not mine.

By this means I recieve and convert his tangential energy into atemi or technique, i.e. -- he hits himself with his own energy fed around the periphery of my center and back through my arm -- or I apply technique with that energy I "stole" from his attack, and return to him -- since he is the proper owner . Conservation and not dissipation. No grounding, all the force is converted in the manipulaitons of radial displacement moments -- not in reaction forces, which are by definition -- resistance: equal and opposed, and which dissipate energy, rather than conserving and using it.

My feet need not move, this occurs through small integrated motions of the hips, torso and limbs, and only a very small motion takes his attack outside of its narrow range of action and reverses it (elliptically, never directly opposing) back to him. This is basic kokyu tanden ho.


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