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Re: Stealing techniques

Jon Reading wrote:
As an instructor, I view my job is to teach each student in a fair and compentent manner a basic curriculum of aikido. I don't hide secret moves, or talk in riddles or torture my students. My job is to cover a basic curriculum of training, those students that excel at that curriculum receive more advanced attention because I am able to spend less time teaching simple concepts and more time teaching complicated concepts..... .Give your students everything they need to succeed, let their ambition and committement determine if they succeed or not.
I have been to many seminars (not just aikido ones) and touched hands with many high-level practitioners from a broad spectrum of arts. All I have met, were generous with their time and knowledge, and I have modelled my way of teaching in much the same way.

Yet, there are times when you simply cannot convey all there is to know to the student. There are some things which they must work out for themselves. Like the character, "Stick", played by Terrence Stamp in the movie Elektra, where he says, "Some lessons cannot be taught.... they must be lived".

I think "giving everything your student needs to succeed" really means, not so much teaching in the modern Western education sense, but providing the basic skills, means and opportunities to learn and experience. As a parent would, for the love of their child.

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