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Re: Baseline skillset

John Riggs wrote:
Years ago, I saw Ikeda do an interesting exercise on redirecting forces. He would stand on one leg and have someone try to pull him over. He would then move them in the opposite direction.
Hmmmmmm. There is a picture of Tohei standing on one leg with someone pushing on his forearm while he stands there. If he'd wanted to, it would have been a simple matter for Tohei to return into the push and push the guy away. Effectively, a pull is the same thing as a push on your opposite arm.... i.e., it's the same demonstration.

One of the problems I often run into with someone who is learning is that at first I lead them through things and there are a lot of demonstrations with them pushing me or sometimes pulling me while they gradually build up at least a beginning-level skill in how to use the ground. This is in the first hours. The weight paths take much longer to develop. Within a few hours I may be showing something and I'll say, "OK, push on me"... but suddenly, particularly with larger guys, my offhand responses may not work in some situations because they've suddenly caught on to how to "push" with a ground force. So while they may not have caught up to my experience and conditioning yet, they've quickly reached a point where I can't just blithely say "push me" and I have my way with them.

The point is that it's easy to do a lot of these demonstrations like Ikeda and Tohei did when the Uke doesn't know how to or is not using the same ground forces. When both people know how to or are using those kinds of forces, the demo's don't work so well. That's why when someone posts how people can't move him, yada, yada, it immediately tells me that either they're working with stooges or they haven't taught someone the basics that can be taught in just a few hours, in many cases (the baseline stuff).


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