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Mike Sigman
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Re: Baseline skillset

John Riggs wrote:
By dynamic, I meant that the movement can be subtle-almost imperceptible-sometimes with just a simple movement of the hip or wrist.

The mind aspect of it is interesting. I guess what I question there is if you think it or redirect it mentally how do you keep from having your body respond somewhat-even if it is almost imperceptible? Where the mind goes the body follows kind of thing.

When I have my students do such things, we start with bigger movements and then keep making them smaller and eventually it almost looks like a blip.
Well, I was only mentioning that in terms of stabilizing the proposed structure we were talking about... shifting force vectors without having to make even a simple movement of the hip or wrist. In other words I was offering the idea as a part of the model you suggested. Personally, I prefer a model that has the body as an inflated balloon in which forces can also be shifted by the will and in which the skin of the balloon can be tensioned in local places at will.

In terms of the body micro-adjusting when you "will" a path, etc., of course it does. If it didn't, and yet it actually changed forces, it'd be magic. You can feel a slight "tingle" when you do this sort of thing. That's the "ki" setting up.


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