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Re: Stealing techniques

I like old-school instruction. On some man-level, the image of carrying buckets of water up a mountain have a sick appeal to them. Why else do we fantasize about such training? We love it, it may be sick and completely inappropriate for real instruction, but that won't stop our romantic notions about kicking palm trees, and punching iron plates (for those of you that still do this training, I mean no disrespect).

As an instructor, I view my job is to teach each student in a fair and compentent manner a basic curriculum of aikido. I don't hide secret moves, or talk in riddles or torture my students. My job is to cover a basic curriculum of training, those students that excel at that curriculum receive more advanced attention because I am able to spend less time teaching simple concepts and more time teaching complicated concepts.

I believe the role of the next level of instruction is filled by yudansha who are gracious enough to teach seminars to aikido students. Seminars are where skilled students are challenged to learn aikido without the assistance of their instructor, in a foreign environment. The seminar instructor may not show the basics of the technique, and the student must apply his basic understanding of aikido to unravel the technique sensei demonstrates. Seminars are daunting experiences to many aikido students for this reason; some students are insecure in their aikido training and education to openingly test their knowledge.

Give your students everything they need to succeed, let their ambition and committement determine if they succeed or not.
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