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Mike Galante
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Cool Re: Zazen necessary for training

I love those Zen stories. What people often miss is that these students have put much energy and time into reaching the point where the teachers words can sink in.
They have dug the mine to the point where the gold is just below the surface and the teacher brings then the next few inches to paydirt.
How foolish the student appears when the teacher corrects him but many are willing to sacrifice to get to that point ?

I love it when people say you are already enlightened! All you have to do is ... whatever. Even the buddha spent years to achieve what he did. Usheiba certainly did. And he was an exceptional person.

I like the one where the student is raking up every last leaf under a lone tree. "Perfect" said the young student. The teacher comes over and shakes the tree, with some leaves falling, saying
"that's better!".
Milarepa had to go through years of trial and tribulations under his teacher to burn out his karma. See my reply to you on Ki ball of energy thread from today.
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