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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

Master Young- hmmm. Light tap and they fly all over the yard. THere was one on YouTube a while ago I think, where one of these so-called ki masters went up against a MMA guy and got the S**T kicked out of him. You can buy them books but some people just don't learn. As for the other video of the three-beware of guys wearing their belts outside their hakamas-and left hand swordsmen. I would have thought the noise level in the crowd would have been deafening with all the BS detectors going off (especially when he was rolling him around the mat with his "ki"- I would have definitely been rolling around too and LMAO).

I'd like to see a non-student doing a real attack and see what happens with these guys. I think the ki master I referred to was really shocked to find out his ki did not work as he was getting the crap knocked out of him and his lip bloodied.
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