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Re: Stealing techniques

Ignatius Teo wrote:
My point is, you can be in the same room with a bunch of other people and some high-level shihan (with the skillz) shows all present this stuff, and goes around touching hands with people so that they can get to feel this stuff, the problem is, not everyone "gets it"....

Only those for whom a light bulb goes off will walk away and start thinking and doing in this new and different way.
OK, I agree. I see your point now. Yes, a lot of people don't have an established system of movement and coordination that allows them to feel more than the very obvious vestiges. It's such a new experience for them that they can't process it. Usually someone who hasn't had a lot of exposure to sports will have this problem.

Some people feel it and know that it's unusually powerful and they'll say "strong", but can't define it and they'll assume, because it's all they have experience with, that you're somehow using muscle.

Some people will touch you and immediately go, "What's that?" or "I can feel something odd about the way you move."

Usually, if you take the time to lead into it and are fairly explicative, most people will get it right away, though.

The real problem is that many/most people need continued guidance for a while in respect to what they are doing in their efforts to learn. At first they're so inexperienced that they can't tell when they've brought correct power (by willing it) to various parts of their body, so they really need a partner to give them feedback.

But you make a good point. I'm so used to that problem that I wrongly glossed over it.


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