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Michael Cardwell
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Re: Stealing techniques

This is kind thread reminds me of the last seminar I attended with Frank Duran. He told everyone at the begging of the seminar that if they saw anything that they liked that he was teaching, that they could steal it and take it with them and make it their own.
I don't think that he was saying you had to "steal" techniques to learn them, but rather that he was teaching "his" aikido, and if you liked what he was teaching, then you could take it from him and make it your own. Although I must admit that I noticed that his no talking first demo version of techniques and the later versions were different...kind of a dumbed down version to help people who were having trouble.

Also at one point during training he told everybody that he was teaching advanced stuff because it didn't make any sense for him to hop on a plane and fly down to teach us basics, that is what we have our own sensei's for.

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