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Mike Sigman
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Re: Stealing techniques

Ignatius Teo wrote:
And so we come back to the same basic premise, that unless one is taught how to spot these things (part of what I consider "stealing" as well), we have to rely on our experience and practice, and the good graces of our teachers to provide the necessary basic info.

So even if one starts with the premise that the basic principles are the same, how does one know what the basic principles are? If one is not told....?
It takes feel, not telling. If you notice recently when some people visited Dan Harden and he demonstrated some of the jin/kokyu things, there reaction was along the lines of "hey.... this is something new and different". Yet they had undoubtedly read descriptions, etc., in the past and sort of shrugged because it didn't sound all that different. You can't really get started until you feel it and you have to realize that there are layers and layers that can be built on top of it. But that initial layer is the start and I don't think you can "steal" an expert's techniques until you understand these skills... because assuredly an expert is using these skills.


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