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Re: Stealing techniques

Mike Sigman wrote:
With some experience and practice, you can learn to spot a lot of this stuff for the simple reason that... the basic principles are the same.... once you get something of a handle on this stuff you can understand a LOT of techniques because you now know the basic principles. I.e., instead of needing the keys for every door in the house, you can go everywhere once you have the master-key.
And so we come back to the same basic premise, that unless one is taught how to spot these things (part of what I consider "stealing" as well), we have to rely on our experience and practice, and the good graces of our teachers to provide the necessary basic info.

So even if one starts with the premise that the basic principles are the same, how does one know what the basic principles are? If one is not told....?

So, the question is, how does a baseline level make the rounds in the Aikido world in the quickest amount of time? It's tricky.
Indeed... as you mentioned previously... there are quicker and better ways to acquire such baseline skills, but as you also mentioned, holding back *some* info is a natural perogative.

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