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I'm not sure how much experience one needs in order to declare any Aikido not good or real Aikido. I am slow, admittedly, but it took several visits to each dojo I considered joining to decide if I fit in, and I know that my not fitting in is no indication of the quality of Aikido there... it is just an indication on how I felt there. Gosh, how much longer would it take to know if the Aikido was good?

Other dojos I attended much longer, to be sure if it was a way I could be comfortable growing in---and the instructors I cannot follow, it does not mean theirs is not good or real Aikido, it is just not for me. It takes a great deal of--- what is the word I'm searching for?-- to be so certain you would know what constitutes real and good as an absolute standard. Just how long does it take to know what is real? How long would you train in the Neptunian (or whatever) dojo before you could declare it unfit, or are you able to do that without even a visit?

If the use of Aiki in the Neptune dojo name is bothersome, well, which came first, Aiki jujitsu or Aikido? good thing they didn't trademark then...

I know you are just being you, and don't mean this against NGA, but for any who might want to apply it to them, why not try it first? Take a look at some of the photos on their webpages...see anything you recognise? The names were in English, and numbered, so I don't recall them now, but ikkyo was similar to what I've seen in several styles, as was nikyo and sankyo (and koshinage ) and kotegaeshi... shihonage was, as I recall, more like a jujitsu version I've since seen, but it was a while ago and my memory is not the best (and it was shown to me after class by a junior student, wasn't one of the things taught while I was there)...anyway, if I hadn't been warned before starting, I would have figured it was no different than the Aikido we all know and love (whatever that good and true version is)... but with blocking drills that I just figured was something I hadn't learned yet back home, and which were kind of fun, and a very spirited randori...
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