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Oh, and about the Expo...I wouldn't call it elitist as long as the non-represented styles are not put down by the Expo organizers. I would have prefered a bit more variation, having signed up early I thought others would be added later and that the early names just reflected Mr Pranin's style preference (understandable and not unexpected). Now I know that it not going to be the case, but I'm still excited about it. And considering his roots, and the strong belief from that style that they are keepers of the flame...well, in that light it is remarkable in the variation of those styles that will be there. I am glad to hear he invited a Ki Society instructor (I hadn't heard that before), sad that they declined, it would have added to the event, I think. And a Shodokan ( ) instructor, that would have been fun to try as it is, I have no idea where he is going to put everyone at UNLV...very ambitious.

I can't think of any event where you get some of everything, and the Expo looks to be no different. Some variation, but not something from EVERY column, still a good list to choose from. Speaking of a fun mix, it looks like Summer Camp in the Rockies will also offer a nice variety this year.
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