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Confused I am bokken

Yes, I have been bokken for cbrf4zr2's randori before.

But then again, I have sent him tumbling into an uke pile with one of his fellow attackers when it was my turn in the barrel.

From what I've been hearing and reading, NG Aikido is in very lean years (if not declining). Personally, I think it's sad when any martial system is lost for lack of people to practice it and transmit it to the next generation... even if that art is a copy-cat art that uses the name of "Aikido" without actually being Aikido.

Just kidding. Wow, am I just kidding.
Or am I?
No, really, I am.


It's a sad irony: In U's satori, he forgot every technique he ever knew; since then, generations of doka have spent their whole careers trying to remember.
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