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Re: Anti-Aiki Elitism

Originally posted by mornmd
Frequently, I have seen negative posts about NGA
I'm afraid I haven't had time to read most of this thread, but I think I understand where this may come from.
The first time I heard about NGA, the explanation given of the style implied that other styles of aikido were deficient with regards to atemi or whatever, and sort of glibly implied that mixing in other arts "fixed" this. (I've seen many descriptions that sound like the art was derived by somebody sticking pins into technique lists from aikido, karate or whatever.)
So taking this (bad) description into account and that it's apparently not done outside the US (ie in Japan), I was a bit sceptical for awhile.

When I discovered more about the guy who started NGA than that he was "a contemporary for O'Sensei" (so was my grandad), the scepticism was replaced by being quite impressed. Or at least respecting it.
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