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Re: Backward Roll - Risks and benefits

Wayne Price wrote:
At the BAF Summer School 2005, Sugawara Sensei introduced a different form of Ushiro Ukemi. This being instead of rolling over your shoulder, you just roll over your back; hitting the mat when you hit the ground and then hitting the mat again when you have rolled over.
If I can remember right he explained that this was much more safer than practicing the normal, standard Ushiro Kaiten Ukemi. Since when practicing technique with power and Uke aiming to do this rolling Ukemi, it can, I would imagine cause some sort of stress on the neck etc. Which is where this would come in?


I think this is a variation on the same Ukemi I'm describing as a side-backward roll. I know someone who studies with Sugawara, and we have talked about this.

The more basic version of this fall does not require the first slap. When you tuck the inside leg, you put down the ball of your foot instead of falling onto the top of it. This allows you to lower yourself down under control and set the first hand down on the mat, not slap. You then lower yourself onto your butt and side of your back, then roll sideways, as you say. If you want to dissipate momentum, you can spread and extend the legs instead of slapping with the second hand. As you roll over, you begin to push yourself up with that hand - falling and getting up are all one motion. Your head/neck is never in any jeaporday, at least not from the fall. If you can't find anyone who knows it, you can see in on the first Donovan Waite ukemi DVD.

The version you describe is for when the inside leg is trapped, and you cannot control your trajectory or lower youself sufficiently with it.
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