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Originally posted by ca
And just so no one misinterprets my comment on the large student in Carter Sensei's class (oh, never on this forum ), the student was not being obnoxious to me. While I consider myself of AVERAGE height , at 110 pounds many of the larger males, in every dojo I've been to, have at one time or another realized they can pick me up and use me as a shield, or even a weapon , often in randori. Even in the kindest, most gentle dojos, there seems to be something funny in doing this...and it is often a great 'E' ticket ride for me.
Colleen -

Don't worry, or get upset about being used that way in randori. I've used people (literally) over twice your weight as weapons/shields in randori. When you can lock on sankyo, with someone who's 6-7 and 240, and brandish him as a giant bokken, it's amazing how much easier randori becomes. Isn't that right Magma?

...then again, that's just me.
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