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Re: High level power abuse

I agree with your statement, however repercussions come in many ways.This is about accountability not only for the Sensei but also for the seniors. We're not children, nor do we live in Feudal Japan, which in essence gives us the right to protect the interest of those who are ignorant and unsuspecting.
The Sensei is a guide to higher learning and is given the proverbial "green card" when it comes to trust and he must never violate that trust.
Martial arts is very intimate, during our development we are very vulnerable and because of this, a Sensei must maintain a healthy boundary in relation to his students.
The Sensei loses credibility and trust, the moment he crosses the line. The worst part is that he loses students that may or may never train again.
It's a very difficult subject, because of all the other social variables in the world today. What makes the martial arts special (other than the training) is the hierarchical and social values that we follow and maintain within or practice.
Geeez, I hope I'm making sense.

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