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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Hey Michael,

I'm really surprised at your point of view on bullies.
Maybe it's due to overruns personal experience and how we judge those but in almost ALL of my experience with bullies almost all the time walking away or not standing up for ones self physically only resulted in further abuse.
It seems like an Aikido myth about the whole embarrass said individual without hurting them and they miraculously.

But schoolyard bullies are a different situation, IMO. If you beat up the bully, you'll generally just be faced with another - possibly several - bullies.
Disagree. In my experience bullies are often the alpha male type with a bunch of submissive guys following him around. Any time I've seen a bully get beaten up (or have confronted the guy myself) never have I seen his friends jump in or become bullies themselves. Think about it. The guy their intimidated by just got beaten by someone, chances are their not going to try and take the alpha male spot. If anything, which I've seen plenty, the bullies followers will almost before the other guy.
Some people are born followers and their just doing what their hardwired to do-follow.

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