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Wow. Good Thread.

I really think there is tolerance in most aikido groups for other aikido groups, but, it is a tolerance born from believing what you do is "best" (in quotes because it is open for interpretation by the knit-pickers out there . Face it, deep down inside if you thought another style of Aikido was superior to your own...would you not pursue it?

I was Aikikai affiliated for 10 years, then I did the unthinkable. I became a student of one of Tohei Koichi Sensei's former students (though not Ki Society). Because I believe it is the best for me.

I guess another possible example of Aikido Elitism would be the Aiki-Expo. Besides a few people from other arts (i.e. karate, kobudo, jujutsu) everyone is either Aikikai affiliated or Yoshinkan. I asked Stan Pranin about this and he said he did invite ONE high ranking Ki Society instructor who declined.

Is this elitism in your eyes? Or am I just an over-sensitive?

Jun, way to extend positive ki

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