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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Hey Kevin, great post!
Giving me a lot to think about.
I'm still experimenting/exploring non-aggression and non-violence. Taking it and seeing how it can apply to me as a soldier and what I do. I'm not sure how much I can say on here but I was in a situation where I feel Aikido and the exploring of fear and stress actually enabled me to save someones life. I was confronted with someone doing something they shouldn't and about to pull the trigger and kill them but I recalled reading about fear and how when your scared you tense up and get tunnel vision. I did my best to relax, breathe and take the whole situation into perspective and I was able to control my fear and find an alternative way of controlling the situation.
Still, when I think of what can solve a fight I hear my old (army) instructor.
The only way you're going to solve a fight is VIOLENCE VIOLENCE VIOLENCE.
It still has a lot of truth to it even considering my above example.
Picture this scenario I went through.

If you confront violence with violence it doesn't necessarily fix the problem. If you avoid the problem it doesn't necessarily fix the problem either.

There is a dilemma!
You're driving up a road in a convoy when all of a sudden you feel a knot in your stomach. Your not sure why or what it is but something is wrong. All of a sudden you here a loud thump and look to your right and see a puff of smoke, a second later an RPG flies 5 feet in front of your truck. More RPGs start to sail out from the treeline and machine guns start firing off at you, tracers pinging around. Your convoy is in an ambush.

Easily a situation where violence is the only answer. We returned fire and tried to create as much violence on our end to keep their heads down long enough for us and the trucks we were protecting to get out of the kill zone. I don't see how violence could be avoided in that situation. I think the same goes for fights. I'll try to avoid a physical fight as much as possible up to and including backing down or walking away and looking like "a wimp". If someone crosses the line and assaults me then I'm going to try and use violence to overwhelm them and catch them off guard and put them under control. I argue with myself is it better to absolutely control them so they don't have a chance to hurt me or should I do my best not to hurt them while defending myself even if it means I could get seriously injured in trying to keep "us both safe".

How do you deal with a school yard bully? If you beat him up and humiliate him, does it solve the problem? If you avoid him does it solve the problem?
I think, perhaps sadly, in most cases of this a school yard bully needs to be confronted and "beaten up" before the problem stops. Avoiding them only elects more punishment.

And Justin you DID completely take Kevins comment out of context, were you seriously curious about his comment or did you know full well what he meant but tried to twist his words?

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