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Re: Article: The Elusive Aiki by Lynn Seiser

Jeff Miller wrote:
so please understand that an inability to make it to las vegas or los angeles is not necessarily the result of a lack of (burning) desire, but a simple lack of funds. given the fundamental economic nature of the world we live in.
It certainly does not sound, from your disclosure, that Sensei Ledyard was referring to you. Compliments for your efforts.

IMHO, the point being made was that too many people are relatively passive in their pursuit, feeling entitled to have it given or brought to them on a hobbyist level, rather than actively seeking it out. Which is why the "steal this technique" doesn't work in our society. We need to find a way to teach the content and concepts in a way that will afford more people the ability to learn. Raising the level of both the teaching and the student understanding, application, and execution.

My point being that Aiki is elusive mostly because of how we pursue it.

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