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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

Christian Moses wrote:

Sorry, I'm just not a fan of Larry, I know too much.
Ah, allow me to second this sentiment. Many years ago I had some interaction with him when he was here in LA to do a seminar at a friend's Aikido dojo. Granted, this must have been sometime in the late '80s. I'm sorry, but it was.... well, let's say.... inneffective. I say this knowing that it is a strong statement, and I imagine that some will react against it. But it was, flat out.... inneffective. (I changed the word I used so as not to be rude.) I was nidan at the time, and had been teaching for several years by then, so I had some experience. Most of the people who attended, walked off the mat, including s few of my students who were there. Sorry to say but he could do nothing with anyone who was not his personal uke, and his explanation was that - the others were not sensitive enough to feel his ki.

I then researched his background. There's a lot I could say about this but I won't bother. His -original- Aiki background is completely unsubstantiated, particularly the story that he inherited a family-style Aiki system from a Japanese family. The only one I know who can substantiate that is Don Angier because in his case it is of course, true.

I have never met anyone who actually started their practice with him, so I can't judge "what he produces" - I have only met or seen people who had studied Aikido before and then went over to him. That doesn't say much to me.

I think he's a curious phenomenon in Aikido, someone who is absolutely Brilliant at capitalizing on the things in the Aikido training world that are.... not healthy.

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