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Re: Irimi or Omote?!!!

Mike Braxton wrote:
Here you go Ron:
uchi - house {might also mean inside but I don't know that kanji}
soto - outside

I think of it as the arm and the body are forming the roof of the house. If you go under the arm {effectively going inside the house} you are doing uchi. While if you go around the arm {effectively staying outside in the yard} you are doing soto.
I agree, generally -- inside, outside.

uchi 内 soto 外

uchi = "one's own house" is 家

There are two other kanji also used for "uchi" = "inside" 裡 and 中 , but I do not know the connotations of the first one, the latter is "inside" in the sense of "in the middle."

The only quibble I would mention is that the arm is not necessarily always there, as it is, for instance in, say, throwing in kaitennage or receiving yokmenuchi attacks. And sometimes you do go under the arm with a soto turn where you do not with an uchi turn for the same technique.

For example, most people begin training for yokomenuchi shihonage receiving with an uchi turn (closing the book - inward), but you never go underneath the arm. To receive yokomenuchi with a soto turn you do go underneath the arm -- but you are definitely making a soto turn (opening the book - outward).


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