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Re: 2007 George Ledyard Seminar Schedule

Mindy Imbuido wrote:
Look forward to seeing you again in Las Vegas Sensei. What type of Seminar is it going to be? I know you generally have specific themes you focus on. Or do I just get to wait and see
There will be empty hand which focuses on the Principles of Aiki and how that translates to what you need to be doing (and not doing) with your body. The sword work will focus on how these same principles show up in weapons work, especially the aspect of how you project your intention and what difference that makes in using aiki principles. It should be a lot of fun. Those who have trained wit me before will hear the same themes but each seminar ends up being different, hopefully because the folks who show are just a bit farther along than the last time I saw them.

James Sterling Sensei is just now putting the flyer together; it should bee available very soon.
- George

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