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Re: Irimi or Omote?!!!

Erick Mead wrote:
Yep. 'Tis true -- rather daunting, but true:
My set of 16 and the ideas underlying may be wrong, but I haven't heard of any other variational schemes more persuasive. And I have been looking.

I do not know of any "canonical" description given to us of the exact variational scheme he spoke of. I am forced to "steal" the knowledge, therefore, from his bare comment and my own observations of variation in practice and movement.

I am open to any good arguments to the contrary. The one I have has been still fairly useful, even so.
Your 16 are created by adding outside and inside to the basic eight as laid out by Jun, which I also follow. So, where do your 16 come from? Who told you that? 16 were mentioned in that interview, but they were not laid out. I mean, you could add left and right - which we all do anyway - and then it'd double again to 32. And so on.

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