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Originally posted by ca
Thank you, Sean and Rehse Sensei...does the preference for Shobokan (rather than Tomiki) Aikido apply in the US as well? I ask only because the dojos I called or visited called themselves Tomiki Aikido...or do some places so this just because the rest of us ignorant fools don't know what Shodokan is?
Hi Colleen;

The Japan Aikido Association (USA) refer to themselves as Shodokan ( For historical, fragmental, or other reasons there are groups which consider themselves Tomiki groups rather than Shodokan and others which say there were influenced by Tomiki. A lot of this is due to when Shodokan Honbu was created - Tomiki's ideas having some history before that point. I would say that the Shodokan term is the correct one but that no one is going to get beat over the head if they say Tomiki Aikido. In fact the international body contains the word Tomiki rather than Shodokan. Easier that way in the search for wa (harmony).

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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