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Re: Article: The Elusive Aiki by Lynn Seiser

Dylan Clements wrote:
What do you define as harmony? If you define it as politeness and friendly and getting along with people, then i agree with you.... But in Aikido, I think ( ) Ai is harmony, but it means something else. The harmony in Aikido is the joining between nage and uke and the cooperation between the two. To me, that is more harmonious than any other definition.
It's not my definition... 和 is harmony and means something completely different to 合 which is to unite. Harmony of 氣 is very different to Union of 氣... hmmm... like "love" :P

You can cooperate with someone, but it need not necessarily be harmonious. For example, 合唱 is to sing together (as in a chorus), but unless everyone is "in unison", it could hardly be called "harmonious".

合氣 literally means to join (with another's) 氣 - or rather loosely, to coordinate or join forces, or to be (spiritually) connected. It is not synergy, although synergy may be a result of such connection. It is not an attitude, but without the right attitude, there can be no aiki.

It is not a belief, but without the belief that we are all connected in some way, there is no aiki. It is certainly not a Zen koan, but enlightenment may open your eyes to the Great Path of aiki...

A subtle distinction, but a distinction nonetheless... if you catch my drift...

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