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Re: Peace, Love, Dove

Originally posted by mornmd

The techniques of aiki have been evolving over centuries in Japan; O'Sensei's genius was to put together a coherent system based on principles and yes, philosophy. My main point is that it is meaningless to argue about who is using the name aikido in their art.

It is far more intersting when we compare principles, exchange ideas and better our movement and techniques as a result of that exchange. Colleen's experience is one example of that.
Now that we get down to the meat and bones of it, your point is a good one, and I find I agree entirely.

Originally posted by Colleen
Is Shodokan synonomous with Tomiki Aikido then, or is one a particular type of the other?
Yes it is, kind of. When Kenji Tomiki founded his honbu dojo (in Osaka), he called it the Shodokan and the name also applies to his style of Aikido (it works the same way it does with Yoshinkan). I think it was only then that he even considered that his style of aikido had a name.

Tomiki Sensei himself disapproved of the term 'Tomiki style' aikido. Before the Shodokan dojo was founded and named, I dont think he considered that 'his' style of aikido had a name. (Or was a separate style from 'Aikikai' aikido anyway. Most of the time he was teaching aikido and developing his ideas, he did so as an Aikikai Shihan after all.)

Theres a short article by Nariyama Shihan about this, called "The Name of Our Aikido" on the Shodokan honbu website, for anyone who's interested.

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