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George S. Ledyard
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2007 George Ledyard Seminar Schedule

Here's my schedule for 2007 as it now stands... there are a couple more in the works. I'll update the list as I know. I look forward to seeing my friends from around the country once again in 2007!

February 16th - 19th Instructors Intensive at Aikido Eastside

March 2nd - 4th Seminar at Las Vegas

March 30th - April 1st Seminar at Aikido Heiwa

May 4th - 6th Seminar in Gibsons, BC

May 25th - 28th East Coast - Baltimore Randori & Weapons Intensive

June 8th - 10th Weapons Intensive Weekend at St Edwards Park -
Co-teach with John Messores and Tres Hofmeister Senseis

August 3rd - 5th Seminar at Aikido Heiwa

September 14th - 16th Seminar in Tallahassee

October 12th - 14th Seminar in San Antonio

December 7th - 9th Seminar in Gibsons, BC

George S. Ledyard
Aikido Eastside
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Aikido Eastside
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