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Neil Mick
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Re: Respect

Hello Jun,

Since I often write about controversial topics, I have followed your request and re-read the posts about etiquette, above. In re-reading them, I can sense your mounting frustration, and if I am in any way responsible ("letting the genie out of the bottle"), apologies.

I cannot speak for others, but I certainly do not come online to "cause trouble," and it is my wish that ppl would do the same, and abide by the very reeasonable guidelines for etiquette, that you ask.

In debating politics, it's simple: "Attack the idea, not the person." It's one thing to say that "that's the nuttiest idea I have ever heard;" quite another to say that "you're a nutcase (as was recently posted)," for thinking that idea. It is often easy to forget that there is a live person reading these posts on the other end of the monitor: but they are and it reflects poorly on the whole discussion, when even one person uses personal attacks.

I ask the ppl who use this technique: please, if you do not like what I say, PM me and cuss me out to your heart's content (you wouldn't be the first...I've gotten everything from physical threats to threats of legal action). I will respond, with etiquette.
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