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Ai symbol Re: Article: The Elusive Aiki by Lynn Seiser

Ignatius Teo wrote:
Ai 合 is NOT harmony... ai means combine, unite, join; gather...

Harmony is wa 和... and 和氣 (adj) means politeness or friendly...

Aiki specifically means to join (with another's) force and connotates "cooperation" or a cooperative/joint effort.

As far as it being elusive, that's more likely due to lack of understanding and/or being explicitly taught....of what aiki is and how to specifically develop it...

What do you define as harmony? If you define it as politeness and friendly and getting along with people, then i agree with you.... But in Aikido, I think ( ) Ai is harmony, but it means something else. The harmony in Aikido is the joining between nage and uke and the cooperation between the two. To me, that is more harmonious than any other definition.

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