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Re: High level power abuse

I will probably get alot of heat for this one, but I don't care. Your Sensei is way out of line, period!!!! For all the people who support this kind of BS, they have no idea of the kind of chaos this creates. I know, because I was a victim of a sexually depraved maniacal teacher for 7 years. Oh, he was an incredible teacher with outstanding skills, I paid a very high price-being his student.
The problem herein lies in the harmony and safety of the dojo. When a teacher breaches the boundary of propriety with a student, this creates an imbalance and a sense of unease. People can justify it anyway they want, but it doesn't change the inevitable chaos that will ensue.

The bottom line is this, even though you have talked to doesn't matter because it's his school and-he WILL DO IT AGAIN !!!!

This Sensei that I speak of, almost lost his school and his reputation suffered (deservedly) because of his relationship and subsequent breakup with a student. Many of his students left the school because of his behavior. Needless to say, he is at it again with yet another student.
I guess some people never learn.
Very simply, this is called "Abuse of Power"

I now train at a new dojo which is safe and my Sensei understands his responsibility and he is not a predator and for that I am grateful.

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