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Quality Gi at a Reasonable Price?

Hello all,

I just tried to purchase an AG-3 gi from Nine Circles, which would have cost around $90 ($55 for the gi and $35 for shipping) to the U.S. according to their website. I had no problem with this price, it all sounded fine. A couple of days after I made the purchase I got an email from Nine Circles stating that because the gi is heavier than the website pricing had realized, it would cost an extra $40 for shipping and I would have to call the UK and give them my credit card info over the phone to go through with it. This would of course cost a bit more in international call fees to do. I really don't want to pay more for international call fees and shipping than I do for the gi itself.

I looked at Tozando, and I can't get a gi (top and pants) from them for less than around $200 after shipping. That's just the standard gi, not the deluxe.

I guess my question is (beyond my complaining), does anyone know where I can get a gi that is of high end quality for a reasonable price. Up until this point I have only bought a couple of $25 cheap gis and they are beginning to fall apart, so I thought I might actually buy something decent this time around. Thanks for anyone's insight.

Matt Feldmeyer
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