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Originally posted by Edward
2. Aikido and all other Aiki- and Ju-Jutsu arts would have been long forgotten were it not for the "marketing" genius of 2 extraordinary men: Gozo Shioda Sensei at first and then Kisshomaru Doshu who get the credit for making Aikido known worldwide.
Let's not forget Koichi Tohei sensei who has already been airbrushed out of much of aikido history.

As far as the "spirit" of these Forums goes, I'm always glad when differences are expressed! Without such and the ensuing discussions, there wouldn't be much need for a place like this, huh?

But, please do remember the first Forum Rule that you can see under every post and reply that you make: "Treat your fellow AikiWeb Forums members with respect"...

Thanks, folks.

-- Jun

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