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raul rodrigo
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Re: different ways of applying kotegaeshi

David Yap wrote:
Hi Raul,
IMO, basically yes as kotegaeshi means that just that. I think you have to evaluate the consequence of the inward turning of the wrist follow by the dropping and manipulation of the uke's elbow. I believe that beginners should be taught this elementary first before attempting any variations or shortcuts. Elementary is about kuzushi (and I may add that kuzushi is an art by itself, same too for evasion); at a higher level, it is about feel, kokyu-ho and ki. This separates us students from the shihan.
Granted, that's the basic kote gaeshi, and no arguments there. I have no disagreement with you at the level of basics. What I am saying is that at the higher levels, it seems that kote is about using a grasp on the wrist to control the elbow and through the elbow the uke's center. The actual physical details of the grip become pretty flexible at this point, as long as that center to center connection is maintained.

For instance, its possible to do a kote variation even if the partner has made a fist and has stiffened his arm, as long as that connection is there. You keep a light but steady grip, cut down along the center line toward the elbow and step back. Uke has no choice but to follow because your center will bring his center along. I use this variation sometimes on juniors who get it into their heads to resist.

And the point my teacher likes to make is not to get fixated on the grip, because you tense up, your center will rise, and openings will be created. The same holds true for sankyo, nikyo, etc. Look for the center to center connection and other things fall into place.
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