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Re: Article: The Elusive Aiki by Lynn Seiser

"However, every so often when I am having a good time, training with honest and genuine intent and intensity, lost in what I am doing, I believe that I see a little glimpse of the elusive Aiki."

Beautifully said, Sempai. In this respect, Aikido reminds me of golf. No matter how poorly a person plays on a given day at the links, there's usually at least one near-perfect moment when the club face strikes the ball almost exactly as the golfer intended. The great shot that follows is sometimes called, "the one that keeps you coming back." The feeling a shot like that gives me is quite similar to the feeling I believe you're describing when you "see [feel] a little glimpse of the elusive Aiki."

The healthy-addictive nature of both Aikido and golf probably stems from something I've discovered in both: the more I practice in either art, the more of those precious moments I earn. Neither golf nor Aikido can ever be won. Some of O'Sensei's final words were, "[I am but a baby in the martial arts]" and even if a golfer gets a hole-in-one on every par 3, an eagle on every par 4, and a double-eagle on every par 5, the course could've been harder, nature (the elements such as wind/rain/snow/temperature could've been fiercer), and his/her playing partners could've been more distracting. Even in *true* win/lose sports, intangibles affect who *wins*.

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