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Re: When is it time to step in?

Alistair Williams wrote:
I understand your viewpoint. However, getting hurt is never a reason not to act. Doing the right thing means that you may get hurt. Mind you my perspective is a bit different from yours.
I didn't mean do something only if you have 100% certain victory. I have been doing Martial Art only for a couple of months, thus I am sure in the streets what would come out of training would be close to nothing. But if I see a situation where a man is beating up a someone else I am sure (of course it has to happen to be sure...) that I might intervene even knowing I will get mi ass kicked, but with the hope that with the one in trouble we might pull out of there safe.
What I meant is...if I see the same situation with the attacker with a knife in his hands, I doubt I would intervene, coz I know with the knowledge I have I would end up dead for sure. Or if the attackers are 3 or 4 I will for sure not intervene knowing that I will have hard time Vs 1.
Maybe after 2 or 3 years of training I will get more aware of my skills and I might decide that the risk is worth it if the attacker has a knife or there are 2 attackers. But still stay away if the attacker has a gun...

I know it is not easy to explain it, but what I mean is not stay away till you are sure not to get hurt...but don't throw yourself into a situation just because someone needs help. It is no use to the person in need if you jump into a situation where you start with a 0% chances of getting out of there alive.
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