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I come from the style founded by Kenji Tomiki and believe me I have felt the need to deal with a certain amount of ignorance and even hostility directed toward the style. Mostly though they are honest questions.

All you can do is calmly answer questions, refute inaccuracies and explain your view. The bulk of people on this forum, and most others, are reasonable people and get as annoyed as you would with the more rabid of whatever persusion.

So here is a bit of advice from someone oft bloodied in the style wars (sorry discussions).

Your original post started very well but ended up pressing the wrong buttons. Basically approaching a problem as victim does not go down well in a Budo forum. Deal with present slights rather than what may have been posted by some neophyte with a false sense of mission in the past. Read Sean's (deepsoup) post again remembering that he too comes from a "misunderstood" style.

Mathew introduces his style.
Ignorant Neophyte says NGA is not true Aiki because O'sensei did not invent it.
Mathew has fun using intelligence and greater knowledge to not only refute the fool but to further expand on the wonders of what he does.

If these forums were all about peace love and happiness - I wouldn't be here.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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