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David Yap
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Re: different ways of applying kotegaeshi

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
Is the inward turning of the wrist the basic element of kote gaishi? I've seen some shihan do this technique with only one hand, the hand on the wrist, no hand on top of uke's fingers. And yet uke goes flying. The technique then hinges on the inward turning of the forearm instead.
Hi Raul,
IMO, basically yes as kotegaeshi means that just that. I think you have to evaluate the consequence of the inward turning of the wrist follow by the dropping and manipulation of the uke's elbow. I believe that beginners should be taught this elementary first before attempting any variations or shortcuts. Elementary is about kuzushi (and I may add that kuzushi is an art by itself, same too for evasion); at a higher level, it is about feel, kokyu-ho and ki. This separates us students from the shihan.

Kelvin Wilbanks wrote:
As far as the "simple" counter, just about any throw can be countered by simply taking a step in the proper direction, if it is applied ineffectively. If it is applied effectively, uke will be unable to move the foot he/she needs to take that step with. I think you are making a misleading implication by defining a poorly executed version of the throw as the throw, then dismissing it
We were refering to ppl who fumbled with their grips (thus rendering ineffective applications). Unless the uke has been trained to give charity falls as there are usually done in dance schools, no uke in his/her "right" frame of mind will just stand there waiting for the nage to adjust his/her grip and continue to offer a connection to be thrown, especially when it is going to be a nasty throw. Come to think about it, I sometime do give charity falls when partnered with a nasty and uncaring nage

Opps, that's more than my 2 sen.

Happy training

David Y
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