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Re: When is it time to step in?

When there's clearly a situation and there's nothing else to be done.

I stepped into a situation back in may/june. I posted it up here so maybe the full post is still about, but basically it boiled down to this: I was walking home from a night out very early in the morning, 1am maybe 2am, when I heard this woman screaming for help from behind this group of flats near my house, thought it was nothing but decided to have a look anyway. Turns out there's a woman being dragged along the floor into one of the flats by the biggest dude I've seen for ages.

My memory is of standing watching for a minute or two thinking about it but in reality it couldn't have been longer than a couple of seconds. It occured to me that he couldn't be allowed to drag her into the house because it seemed obvious that things would get really bad at that point. Calling the police would have taken a couple of minutes and another maybe five or ten minutes for them to arrive, far too long, there wasn't anyone else around so it was basically up to me.

So there was clearly a serious situation and nothing else to be done except step in.
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