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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

I guess I lied, gonna post one last time then you won't see my name until September.

I think there have been some interesting comments in this thread. I'm surprised to hear he's still teaching but I am glad to hear that he's gotten more substantive. I do, however, think that there are some rationalizations and misconceptions about what his ukes are doing.

Like I said, I saw him maybe a half dozen times around when this video was made and it was flop city. Everyone flopped for everyone and it wasn't skill doing it. I was throwing ukes like that and I don't even think I was a first kyu (I was 5th the first time I saw him). I'd say rather than sensitivity it was crazy insensitivity because everyone just fell like that no matter who did it. Reacting to every movement is just as insensitive as the guy you have to hit to get to move.

Now to what I wanted to say. I know a few people, like myself, but more experienced than I was, who didn't buy into it and stood there when he waved his finger expecting them to flip through the air (yes, it really was like that). I like to think that he looked at at those situations and asked why. Maybe he deliberately didn't throw people and they still fell. Who knows, but it sounds like something changed from then which I think is good.

I also find it interesting that he trained with Rod Kobayashi. I asked about that more than once and never got an answer from people who should have known. One of whom was ranked by him. Well, one mystery solved.

I'm out, again.
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