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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: different ways of applying kotegaeshi

David Yap wrote:
Hi Kelvin,

Actually, this is not a variation of kotegaeshi (this is no inward bending of the wrist to make the connection). Rather, it is variation of kokyo-nage or an otoshi (a drop) technique. Like you've said, most ppl use it when they fumble with their grips. But,this "variation" can be countered with a simple kaeshiwaza - uke stepping into the direction of the throw/drop.
I suppose I'll defer to others on the classification, although I don't like the idea of lumping it in with a bunch of other dissimilar techniques when it is clearly similar to kote gaeshi.

As far as the "simple" counter, just about any throw can be countered by simply taking a step in the proper direction, if it is applied ineffectively. If it is applied effectively, uke will be unable to move the foot he/she needs to take that step with. I think you are making a misleading implication by defining a poorly executed version of the throw as the throw, then dismissing it.
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