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Hmmm, I was having so much trouble keeping all the 'new' names straight, I didn't even recognise that possibility...I guess it is mugger's throw as in dog's leash...not something they want used on them, but it is what gets used nonetheless. Once I got the hang of getting uke over my hips there, it easily translated back to koshinage.

But after a few throws, one student, a rather large male, attacked really quickly (it was kind of a bear hug from behind attack) and yanked me up off my feet. He was laughing, holding me up and standing in a horse fact, laughing so much I guess he didn't feel the heel of my foot tapping him where most men notice...the instructor noticed, however, and warned him he'd better put me down or get ready to feel really sick. So I guess you could say it was there I also learned the value of atemi when dealing with really large partners.
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