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Kevin Wilbanks
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Re: different ways of applying kotegaeshi

Michael Douglas wrote:
Old thread Kevin, but a good one.
I'd like to ask you how you can succeed in applying a kotegaeshi-type throw by grabbing the forearm only? Is this applicable only with nice helpful Uke?
In a way, I would say less so than the normal way. Uke seems to come down more in front of you than beside you, and actually hits the mat harder than a normal kote gaeshi, as you are torquing them down by their shoulder, as opposed to motivating them to move themself via stressing their forearm/wrist. It is theoretically possible with a normal kote gaeshi to just stand there and allow your wrist/forearm to be mangled - if the pain didn't cause you to jump/fall.

The connection is much stronger than with the wrist grab, as you grab the forearm with both hands - almost like an upside down yonkyo. Think of sliding the hand that normall does the work back a little, then grabbing behind that with the other - higher up the arm. Your body dynamics are almost the same - you must pivot at least 180 degrees - but it requires a bit more upper body movement. Now that I think of it, the yonkyo analogy is good. The throw I'm describing is to kote gaeshi as yonkyo is to sankyo - pretty much the same throw, you just choke up on the arm some.

Some people don't like to be thrown like this because of the shoulder torque, but it's not a problem if you just yield to it. It's also good as a reversal for ikkyo when uke is resisting bending their torso forward.
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