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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

Jeff Miller wrote:
you know... i was looking at my hidden roots of aikido book today (which is about daito ryu, for folks who haven't run across this book)... and some of the "aiki nage" techniques that are in there reminded me of some of the weirder stuff that Barrish sensei is doing in this video. (as an aside, anyone have any thoughts on the relationship between aikinage and kokyunage?) i was also interested in the details of wrist movement in this regard, and the claims about unbalancing via them made in the book.

soooo... if his roots really are in some form of aikijutsu, might it be that some of this weirder stuff is explicable also in terms of those techniques? not to deny the possible ki/kokyu aspects at all... but could it be that some of what most seem to be feeling is weird (the ukes' seeming over-reaction, etc.) might be understood this way? i.e. he might be applying subtle pressure point locks, etc. that are hard to discern, as well as some strange aikinage style techniques, in addition to any control over the ki/kokyu aspects. or something.
Although this is not exactly the same, look at this and tell me you don't have the same feeling as when looking at the Barrish video. I have felt these techniques and can vouch for them. Some are very physical and real and the way they work is because of moves you can't see and a few secrets that are hard to see. They especially work the first time but after that, it is a possibility they wouldn't work because you already know how they are done. It is my feeling that in all martial arts, there are compliant ukes but some of these techniques come from a direct line through Kodo Horikawa from Sokaku Takeda. They aren't made up.


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