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To answer Steve first - I have no anxiety about this issue, in fact I am quite serene in my enjoyment of NGA and the principles of aiki. I brought up this thread because I think it is an important issue (namely bringing other aiki arts together with O'Sensei's aikido to exchange ideas), and I was interested in seeing the responses. To say "get over it or take up another hobby," is ridiculous.

To Sid, Nihon Goshin Aikido was founded by Shodo Morita, a contemporary of O'Sensei who trained under Yoshida Kitaro in Daito Ryu as well as several other arts. There are many similar techniques to O'Sensei's aikido in NGA which can also be found in Daito ryu. The concept of aiki, blending, are all there. There are also techniques added from Judo and several other arts. There is an emphasis on atemi, punches, strikes and kicks as an integral part of the system for self defense. Sensei Walter Kopitov who has contributed to this forum along with other's in the NGA Association can give you a more detailed explanation about NGA.

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